Why The Boardroom Salon for Men?

The Boardroom’s business model is designed to exceed the expectations of the four key constituents that determine the success of each Franchisee:

  • Clients - The ambiance, client service and teamwork built into each of our salons create clients for life and enable each of our salons to become a positive presence in the community.
  • Employees - The compensation, training, empowered work environment and opportunity for professional growth attracts and retains the highest quality employees.
  • Landlords - The elegance of our salons, the clients that our salons attract and the services which our salons provide are highly desirable to landlords, and provide us the ability to strategically position our salons in the best locations in every market.
  • Franchisees – Our proven business model is unique, efficient, teachable, easy to use and appeals to a large target audience, which gives every Franchisee a solid platform for building long-term success.

In addition, The Boardroom Salon for Men:

  • Fills the growing demand for a high quality, high end men’s grooming provider.
  • Is a full service salon that caters exclusively to men and offers them a compelling selection of high quality products that satisfy all their grooming needs.
  • Creates an environment that clients and employees enjoy, resulting in repeat clients and the ability to hire and retain the best employees in the industry.
  • Is a unique, elegant concept that makes it easy to distinguish your salon from your competitors from a marketing and sales perspective.
  • Delivers a unique client experience, not a commodity, resulting in significantly greater client retention and higher operating margins.



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